Migrating to Medium

Sometimes people ask how I started writing online. While they usually refer to the last few years, I’ve been writing online for a long time — since 2002 — on Open Diary. Since then I moved to LiveJournal, then WordPress. I’ve been on WordPress for eight years, but from now on, I’ll be posting on Medium.

I’ve also migrated my public posts over from Wordpress, so you can get to them all here. In light of that, I wanted to share ten of favorite posts from the last few years.

Business & Career

  1. Have some coffee & stop worrying about finding a mentor. Instead of worrying too much about a formal mentor, take time to learn from those around you.
  2. “What’s one thing you learned at Harvard Business School that blew your mind?” A nice jumping off point into at least ten other business topics.
  3. Startup Lockdown Lessons. I keep coming back to the idea that it’s imperative to be clear on what what you are trying to do when building with others.
  4. Stuff I Messed up While Interviewing. There’s something liberating about putting lots of your mistakes on the internet.
  5. Career Fit. If this convinces one person to stay in technology, it’s worth it.

Product Management

  1. Want to be a PM? Do a Project. An easy way to try out Product for the first time (or develop a new skill).
  2. Product & Art. A way to think about Product Management with a little more humanity than metrics.
  3. Engineers: Your PM Sucks? Here’s how to fix it. A few tips if you’re struggling to work with your PM.
  4. Portraying Women in Product Management. People often describe the Product Management discipline differently when they’re talking about women.
  5. pm@olin. A full syllabus for an intro to Product Management class.

I’m looking forward to writing more on Medium in the coming months.