HBS FIELD Day 1 (Indonesian Recipes!)

I usually leave my blog for work that involves “takeaways”. Right now, I’m currently on a trip to Indonesia for HBS FIELD, and wanted to share some of what I’ve done. This is more personal and less practical.

I ended up in Indonesia at 2am, after 36+ hours of traveling — BOS-SEA, SEA-Seoul, Seoul-Jakarta. I napped for a few hours, and at 8am we head out for our first day of exploration.

We started the morning at an Indonesian market to buy groceries in preparation for cooking class.


I learned that duck eggs are blue, and quail eggs are speckled:


Palm leaves are used to wrap rice, and tempeh:


There are lots of fish and cool vegetables:


We paired off into groups to make six different Indonesian dishes. Indonesia is a geographically diverse country, and the food varies by region. The three chefs we worked with were from different areas — (I think) Jakarta, West Java, and North Java. There are also three primary types of sauces/pastes that go with the dishes. A white sauce, a red sauce, and a sauce I’ve already forgotten.


I wanted to share the recipes for the dishes we made. I haven’t had a chance to type them up, so I’ve linked to images of the paper copies that I have.

Gado-Gado: A vegetable salad (not lettuce based), with a peanut sauce. The peanut sauce can be used independently with other recipes as well.
Soto Ayam Madura (Ingredients, Directions) : A lemongrass-chicken soup (my favorite). I’d make a ton of this and eat it as a meal.
Sambal Fried Potatoes: I feel like every culture has a type of fried potatoes. These are chopped small and in a red sauce.
Tempe and Tofu Bumbu Kuning: A fried tempeh/tofu with spaces (this is the one I made!) It’s particularly good with the peanut sauce. We also learned how to make flower plate decorations out of chili peppers.


Grilled Chicken with (coconut) Curry Sauce: this one was also a highlight.
Nasi Uduk: A rice/egg dish.